At ANGELIC, we extend our expertise beyond the ordinary, offering ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) services that empower clients to shape their own distinctive vaping narratives. Rooted in our brand’s story and ethos, our ODM services epitomize the commitment to purity, natural essence, and elegance that define us.

Our ODM Approach:

Guided by the vision of our seasoned e-liquid flavorist, our ODM services marry innovation with artistry. We collaborate closely with clients to understand their unique preferences, aspirations, and brand identity. Through this synergy, we craft tailor-made e-liquid formulations that resonate with their audience and embody their essence.

A Journey Beyond Convention:

Our journey to redefine vaping experiences is marked by the exceptional quality of our nicotine. Rooted in our commitment to well-being, we source the finest organic tobacco leaves from North Carolina. This conscious choice yields a nicotine extract of unmatched purity, elevating the essence of each puff and ensuring a healthier indulgence.

The ODM Experience:

Conceptualization: We commence by delving into your brand’s ethos, preferences, and desired characteristics. This ensures that the resulting e-liquid formulation aligns seamlessly with your brand’s identity.

Formulation and Testing: Our skilled artisans meticulously craft the e-liquid formula, which undergoes rigorous testing to ensure flavor accuracy, smoothness, and safety.

Prototyping: A prototype is created, enabling you to experience the essence of your e-liquid vision. Feedback is incorporated to refine the formulation.

Manufacturing Excellence: Once approved, our state-of-the-art facilities transform the prototype into a premium e-liquid reality, maintaining the integrity of every flavor note.

Elevated Experiences: The culmination of our efforts results in an e-liquid that encapsulates your brand’s story and values. The experience you offer your customers is uniquely yours, leaving an indelible mark.

Our ODM services embody ANGELIC’s commitment to purity, sophistication, and innovation. Just as we’ve crafted our brand’s journey, we’re dedicated to aiding you in crafting an e-liquid journey that’s distinctly yours. Join us in shaping the future of vaping, where each puff is a testament to your brand’s essence.

Contact us today to embark on a collaborative journey of creation and innovation. Together, we’ll craft e-liquid experiences that inspire and resonate.

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