The visionary behind Angelic is a seasoned and skilled e-liquid flavorist, boasting a rich background in the industry. Having dedicated 6 years to a leading e-liquid giant in the United States, they spearheaded the development of several groundbreaking products that took the market by storm. However, with the advent of disposable vapes, their entrepreneurial spirit beckoned, propelling them to embark on a new journey.

With this burning passion and immense expertise, the founder carved the path for ANGELIC. Our mission is simple yet profound: to embody purity, natural essence, and a touch of elegance. At the heart of our brand lies a commitment to delivering an unparalleled, refined experience. It’s the culmination of years of honing the craft, a dedication that led us to create an e-liquid that resonates with the modern vaper.

Central to our ethos is the sourcing of nicotine, a cornerstone of the vaping experience. We took a leap beyond convention by selecting only the finest organic tobacco leaves from Virginia. The result? A nicotine extract of unrivaled purity, igniting a more intense and healthier vaping journey. We believe in nurturing a culture that aligns with both well-being and sophistication, fostering a community that cherishes the finer nuances of vaping.

Thus, Angelic was born from a desire to marry nature, trendsetting elegance, and a professional approach. Our story reverberates with the commitment to create an e-liquid that transcends expectations, inviting you to join us on this aromatic odyssey.

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